Favorite Winter getaway

“Keeping the tradition alive and returning to Sintra for the Winter training. Awesome trails, fantastic nature and building friendship for life 🤘🏻“

Eric Larsson


“Enjoying trails with a partner in crime, Eric Larsson, at my favorite Winter getaway - Sintra in Portugal.”

Karsten Skadkær Møller

From the Mountain to the Beach

"Trail riding in Portugal – really?
Yes, you better believe it! Forget about the Alps, the new paradise of trail riding is in Serra da Sintra. Spectacular terrain, flowy trails, challenging, downhill sections – all of it really thought through and well shaped. You did an awesome job guys! I’m coming back, no questions asked. Thanks to João and Hugo for guiding. My recommendation for an overnight stay – Ralph and Fabian’s The Lodge - just as superb as the trails."

Sven Röber

Finland meets Portugal

"I spent three sunny days with three amazing Portuguese guys guiding me through three very different sets of trails in Portugal. WERIDE offers professional guiding with the help of local riders all around Portugal."

"Pedaling or uplifts? Repetitive trails or an adventure? City or isolated accommodation? It's your choice! Areas such as Sintra, Lousã or Madeira are all very well known and there are lots of more high quality trails available. With the help of local riders you get to ride the best trails, including several ones not found on Strava. The high quality of service and dedication to details are apparent from the moment you get out of baggage claim: WERIDE will be waiting for you, making sure you settle in your accommodation and find the best spot for beers and food!"

"For WERIDE the riding is only part of the package though: you get to meet local riders, visit amazing sites such as Gondramaz and enjoy the Portuguese cuisine with fresh, local ingredients. You will leave Portugal with warm memories not only of riding but also of friendly people, tasty fresh food and unique landscapes."

Simo Kalatie