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Also known as the city of light, LISBON is the capital of Portugal, a multicultural metropolis that´s bursting with culture, architecture, charm, great food and a fantastic atmosphere.
The almost constant presence of sunlight and Tejo river transforms the Portuguese capital into a mirror of a thousand colors, highlighting the city’s unique architecture and beauty.

As WERIDE through LISBON - whose history spans back thousands of years – WE find streets filled with heritage and characteristic neighborhoods where the city first developed, which can still be experienced at its most genuine level.
Influenced by many different remote cultures over time, there is still a village-like feeling in every historical neighborhood, and Fado - awarded World Heritage status - is the most significant expression of what it is to be Portuguese.
LISBON’s historic streets are perfect for urban night riding, with lots of stairs and alleyways that will allow you to feel and live the city in a different perspective. Ride in a castle, stop to eat and drink at all the hot spots, meet fantastic locals.

The capital also has a great local trail network. The “backyard” as WE call it, is a great little forest park named MONSANTO that is made up of fast flowing single tracks with root sections, drops and fun features like small jumps and berms. It´s a place for all levels of riding and packs lots of fun.

10km out from Lisbon the UNESCO World Heritage town of SINTRA is the Mecca of Mountain Biking in the Greater Lisbon area. SINTRA has a North Shore style vibe to it, but with a Mediterranean twist. Here you can find trails for all levels and tastes. From fast flowy single tracks to technical steep trails, long winding berms, dense oak forests and granite rock gardens. And to top it all off, you can end your ride right on the beach and go for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean.


Lisbon's spots, live weather forecast here
complete gallery here