TRANSITION PATROL/SENTINEL or electric MONDRAKER CRAFTY R, all full suspension enduro bikes. Includes rental helmet and kneepads (80€ deposit required per bike)

Transition Patrol 2018/2019

27.5" wheel size / 170mm Front Travel / 160mm Rear Travel / Alloy Frame

40€ (3h) /50€ (5h) per ride

Transition Sentinel 2018/2019

29" wheel size / 160mm Front Travel / 140mm Rear Travel / Alloy Frame

40€ (3h) /50€ (5h) per ride

Mondraker Crafty R 2020

29" wheel size / 160mm of travel, Electric MTB / Aluminium Frame

50€ (3h) /60€ (5h) per ride

(AVAILABLE in Lisbon. For North and South, please send us a request)


ION K-pact kneepads


FOX flux

NOTE: WE do not rent out bikes without a guide, neither tours with GPS. All prices are per person with VAT included.

PRICES FOR DAMAGED RENTAL BIKE PARTS: Brake levers SRAM Guide 15€; Gear shifter SHIMANO SLX 35€; Derailleurs SHIMANO SLX 65€; Dropout 35€; Torn tyres 35€; Scratched suspension sheath 75€; Broken rims 49€; Broken hydraulic seatpost hose 25€; Twisted or broken Chainrings 45€