available services:


Transition Patrol 2018, Transition Scout 2018 and Banshee Rune 2017, full-suspension Enduro bikes, for 50€ per day or BMC Trailfox AMP2 (Lisbon only), electric MTB, for 60€ per day  (80€ deposit required per bike) includes also rental helmet and kneepads. Email us for more info

+++ Please note: WE do not rent out bikes without a guide, neither tours with GPS +++


Prices for damaged RENTAL BIKE parts: Brake levers SRAM Guide 15€; Gear shifter SHIMANO or SRAM 35€; Derailleurs SHIMANO or SRAM 65€; Dropout 35€; Torn types 35€; Scratched suspension sheath 120€; Broken rims 50€; Twisted or broken Chainrings 45€


FOX flux helmet


FOX launch pro kneepads