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Transition Patrol and Banshee Rune 2017, full-suspension Enduro bikes, for 50€ per day or BMC Trailfox AMP2 (Lisbon only), electric MTB, for 60€ per day  (80€ deposit required per bike) includes also rental helmet and kneepads. Email us for more info
note: WE do not rent bikes and gear without the guiding services

Prices for damaged RENTAL BIKE parts: Brake levers SRAM Guide 15€; Gear shifter SHIMANO SLX 35€; Derailleurs SHIMANO SLX 65€; Dropout 35€; Torn tyres 35€; Scratched suspension sheath 75€; Broken rims 49€; Twisted or broken Chainrings 45€

Transition Patrol 27.5, 160mm of travel (2017)

Transition Patrol 27.5, 160mm of travel (2016)

Banshee Rune 27.5, 160mm of travel (2016)

BMC Trailfox AMP2 27.5, 150mm of travel, Electric MTB (2017/18)


FOX flux helmet


FOX launch pro kneepads