Pure Enduro in Algarve!

"I spent some time with Luis Pedro from WERIDE in Algarve this July and the tracks are amazing, as well as the tips and organization for the 3 rides WE did.

It was pure Enduro but possible to do with one AllMountain - I was riding a 26" Trek Remedy - and that helped a LOT the climbing at around 30 degrees CENTIGRADES!!!

That is something that gave me some thoughts when I flew back to Austria. If WERIDE had one driver shuttling us and Luis Pedro as a guide , the fun would have been tenfold due to the amount of descents increasing that much.
If you are planning to train for Enduro races, do it without shuttle and you will get the condition sweating in the burning Sun of Algarve ;-)
Side effect is that you get quite tanned, lol
I will be back for sure , but if I do it in the heat of the Summer I will be bringing a e-Enduro lol. Cheers!"

Pedro Pinto

Perfect day riding a great location

"Me and my son used WERIDE for just one day guiding while on holiday in Alvor (Algarve) with the rest of our family. WE brought our own helmets, shoes, clothes etc, but asked if WE could hire some bikes for the day. They came up with brand new, never ridden, Transition Patrols! Absolutely perfect bikes for the conditions.

WE met Luis outside a supermarket in the hills, jumped into his car and drove another 1/2 hour to the riding area. When WE arrived in a small village to start the ride my son realized he had forgotten his Five-Ten shoes. After first looking shocked, Luis ran up the street and came back with a pair of size 9 Five-Tens from someone he knew locally. Amazing!! And a special thanks to the guy who lent to a complete stranger his shoes for the day.

WE set about the climb to the trails and I can only say they were perfect, just what WE both like riding. Technical, fast and flowy single tracks with a few jumps and kickers thrown in. Mostly man-made but a real natural feel to them. The weather was also near perfect, 30 degrees but cooled by the shade of trees. The climbing was made easily by fire roads and B roads.

After lunch, which was only 13€ compared to 60€ by the sea. WE set off again. This time faster as our confidence grew. The day was over all too soon. I personally could have ridden all night.

I have ridden with guides all over the World, Morzine, Spain, Cyprus, UK, but I can honestly say Luis and the trails were some of the best. WE will be back but this time for a weeks riding.

Thanks Luis! See you again soon..."

Andy Mycroft

What a fantastic bike ride!

"What a fantastic bike ride WE had today! Up and down the Sintra mountains and ending up at the beach next to our windsurfing spot. Crowning it with a great lunch at the hidden restaurant Refúgio do ciclista.
Thank you WERIDE for your excellent guiding!"

Fredrik Hallander from POC Sweden

Beautiful Sintra, Down Hill Trails, Lunch and the Ocean

"Bom Dia!
Do your self a favor and book some riding with WERIDE. Great service, Great Trails, Great Value!!!

While planning a trip to Lisbon I looked into riding adventures in the area, did some research and WERIDE kept rising to the top. I planed to take my riding gear, shoes, riding shorts & jersey. I arrived in Lisbon, contacted WERIDE via the internet, with short notice for a trail ride in a beautiful mountain park called Sintra. They promptly responded and approved my request for a Friday morning ride. I completed the simple registration form. I rented a helmet and a bike (their equipment is in perfect condition). 

WERIDE has an Adventure package for all skill levels, I'm an avid off road rider here in Florida USA but not use to long up hill climbs. My guide challenged me as well as understood when I needed to walk the bike up some hills. While walking WE spoke like long time friends and I learned about Portugal, it's beautiful and rich in history."

"My package lasted the FULL day of riding, with mountain top views like you've never experienced before, WE stopped for lunch in a small secluded town on the mountain (truly only locals) YUM!

After lunch WE started down the mountain to our final destination of the day, the Atlantic Ocean and a few well earned ICE COLD BEERS :)

It was truly my pleasure to spend the day with João & Miguel. Their passion for riding and promoting the natural beauty of Portugal made my trip, A Trip of a Life Time!
Thank you! (Obrigado)"

Mark Nelson

Challenging and relaxed day in Sintra

"WE booked a FULL day ride in Sintra and had a great day. WE enjoyed the trails, especially the Bridge trail. João told a lot of interesting things about the region. The lunch was tasty and the afternoon ended at the beach. Perfect! Thank you guys for the both challenging and relaxed day and great company. Cheers!"

Juliane König and Kristoff Molenda

Lisbon Night Ride and Sintra Day Ride!

"WE had a FULL DAY shuttling with WERIDE and it was just great... a lot of fun and natural trails in the wonderful nature around Sintra. The last trail ends at the beach by the sea, awesome!!! After riding, beer and snails... just perfect... what a day with very nice people!!"

"After that great day, WE booked another FULL DAY with WERIDE, the Lisbon Night Ride, that was WOOOW!! I can't explain it... just do it and you will be more than happy..."

Marco enjoying a bit of airtime in Monsanto, Lisboa

"The guys from WERIDE are not just good riders, they have a good feeling for what you would like to see and to know about the country/city and where you want to ride... and you will have a lot of fun with them, they are so nice, helpful and they had humor!! WE enjoyed it really with you guys! Many thanks to João and David for the just perfect bike days with WERIDE, WE enjoyed it really and WE will definitely come back to ride with you guys!"

Nina Glarner and Marco Baggio

4 days of amazing trail riding

"I booked four days of riding with the guys from WERIDE, through my accommodation (the Starpine Lodge - great place to stay) I was staying with, before coming to Portugal. On the first day the guide (Hugo) did not really have much information about my expectations and skill level. After a short conversation everything was sorted out perfectly and I had an amazing day riding the trails around Sintra. WE had great fun riding and while pedaling up, Hugo filled me in about everything I had to know (and wanted to know) about Portugal, Sintra and the surroundings.....be it about biking, surfing, nature, trail building, economics, football, etc... the second day (again with Hugo) and the third day (with Miguel) were about the same... great riding on very nice natural trails picked with some nicely built features and very interesting guides to talk to while having a break or pedaling up.

My fourth day of riding was a FULL day of shuttling with João as guide (and David as driver and photographer) and a great swiss couple! WE all had massive fun and rode excellent trails. As customers WE basically decided which trails WE wanted to ride and João gave us tips on how to be faster on the track and David assisted us in finding the perfect bike set up for the different trails.

Besides riding WE had a nice lunch in a small local restaurant. And after riding WE all together had few beers and snails by the sea... perfect DAY and a perfect week with WERIDE.

I will definitely come back... there are still tons of trails in Portugal left to explore!"

Philippe Greis

WOW... Sick! Yeah... Sweet! New York lads came to ride with us!

"My friend and I went out on a full morning ride with João who, on top of organizing the trip in one day, picked us up from our hotel and dropped us off afterwords. We rode through a few of the diverse Sintra trails and throughout the ride João gave us some really useful riding advice. Left us stoked for the rest of the day and wanting to do more riding. Overall an awesome adventure with WERIDE. Definitely coming back!"

Keeks George and Jack Wolf 

I am definitely coming back again to Sintra and Monchique!!!

"I got the pleasure to ride in both Sintra (Lisbon) and the Algarve (Lagos) over two different days! The trails are completely different in the two areas so if you get a chance to ride in both places do! However, you will need to get in touch with WERIDE as it will be very hard to find the trails on your own. They set me up with a bike in each place so i didn't have to worry about shipping a bike there either. I forgot my helmet on the trip so, Hugo just took me to a bike shop to get one which was super cool. They took the time to adjust the bike to my liking... even on the trail...

The Moorish Castle in Sintra

...the two guides, Hugo and Nuno, were both awesome to ride with. This is not an average mountain bike guide, these guys welcome you into their lives, community and trails.... it is definitely nothing you have experienced before. They took me to local, off the beaten path, place for lunch each time, which had great food by the way, and we talk about everything from economies to poisonous mushrooms during the riding. At one point my guide and two of the people at the lunch spot were all arguing about letting one of them buy a new bike (apparently his wife(?) said he had to sell the 12 others first) so i just sat back and laughed. That's how personal it was... I didn't feel like a client or customer, I felt like a friend with friends out riding for the day. 

If you want to ride hard, they will do that... if you want to take it easy... they will do that too. You would be hard pressed not to find something that fit you. I pushed myself while i was tired on some unfamiliar terrain and got hurt (pretty banged up with a swollen eye and lots of bruises), doing something stupid, did Nuno stop and force me to call it a day? Nope! He asked what i wanted to do... i said let's ride! So we did! After a beer of course. Sooooooo.... worth it. 

I cant really express how much fun it all was in the end. Bluntly, I am definitely going back again! Do it!"

Mo Jalaly

Mo dancing with lots of Cork Trees!