E-bike DAY TOUR in Terras de Bouro

My girlfriend and I went on an e-bike day tour in Terras de Bouro and had an awesome time! The scenery was spectacular, with huge granite boulders and expansive views from the mountains. Our guide Gomes was very knowledgeable and knew the trails inside out (since he had built most of them!), and he picked routes that suited our riding styles. The e-MTBs were great for getting us up the hills and we had loads of fun riding down the trails. The accommodation that Gomes suggested was fantastic, in a beautiful old stone building with an outdoor infinity pool overlooking the valley. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would highly recommend WERIDE to anyone wanting to hit some fun mountain trails and get off the beaten track in some stunning scenery!

Sam Knight

BIKE SKILLS session in Sintra

“I had a Bike Skills session up in Sintra and it was well worth it- I had heaps of fun riding a mixture of fun and challenging trails and learnt so much with Duarte as my instructor. It was a one-on-one lesson so Duarte tailored it to my skill level and was an excellent coach. I have done quite a lot of riding in other places and am confident on a bike on most trails, but I knew that my techniques could use some improvement. Duarte assessed my riding and took videos as I repeated sections of the trail and focussed on my cornering and jumping technique- by the end of it I was flying down the black trail Kamikaze and hitting big jumps and drops that I would have previously avoided. I am stoked with the progress and had such a good time riding with him, I highly recommend a WERIDE skills session for people of any ability who want to take their riding and enjoyment of mountain biking to the next level!”

Sam Knight

Sintra and Terras de Bouro

Absolutely awesome experience!

I did two daytours with WERIDE guys. First one in Serra da Sintra, second one in Terras de Bouro. Massive variance in trail types in both locations, knowledge and tips on the trails spot on!

Also the Transition rental bikes right up there for the task!

Muito obrigado João Mourão & João Gomes! Muito prazer e até a proxima vez!

Lauri Makinen

One of my best biking trips EVER

“Visiting Portugal with my best friend and we decided to bike 2 days in Sintra. Renee found the WERIDE website to be easy to navigate, and they offered great bike rentals as good prices, so we chose WERIDE. Duarte picked us up on time, the bikes were in excellent condition and after ensuring that everyone was comfortable WE started out. Duarte took us to a wonderful, diverse selection of singletrack that was the right level for our group and did a great job of working with each of us, encouraging, sharing technical tips, and teaching us about the local forests. The second day, there were only two of us for the sunset tour, which was a great combination of climbing, single tracks, and sea views. Coming back from a year long knee injury, I had lost my confidence on steep sections and Duarte was absolutely amazing, taking the time to walk me through challenges and build my confidence. Duarte had the patience to ride at our speed so WE could follow his lines. By far my best rental/guide experience! Duarte was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, funny, kind and hospitable! I will definitely be back - thank you WERIDE!!”

Linda Davrath

LOCAL PACK on electric MTB's

“WE had the best time ever riding the superb trails of Sintra/Lisbon. The guides were a truly dedicated group of professionals and made sure WE had an absolute well worth trip.

Jan Olav Nilsen

Thanks for a fantastic holiday! Professional in all aspects; the communication via e-mailing prior to the trip, the late pick-up at the airport when our luggage got lost, the friendly and experienced guides, and our main guide José was "10 out of 10"! The 3 days of riding was excellent. Our group of four had different riding skills, but the guiding and the nice e-bikes made everybody enjoy the trip to the MAX!! Sintra trails, coastal scenery and Lisbon park/Lisbon city (in that order) was perfect for us. WE highly recommend this combo and the nice people at WERIDE!

Roy Nilsen

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This company is simply the best!

“First, let me say, mountain bike riding in Portugal is incredible. Second, there is no better company to guide you there than WERIDE! I have ridden in the Dolomites, New Zealand, Whistler, and Moab and I will tell you the riding in Portugal meets or exceeds all those areas. It also boasts a huge variety of terrain. Most of the trails you will ride have been lovingly maintained and improved by the team of WERIDE, who know every inch of the trails. Hugo and Duarte were our guides throughout the trip and they took care of every detail. We also enjoyed incredible lunches and dinners at various local restaurants. Honestly, while Hugo and Duarte catered to us like fancy clientele the treated us more like longtime friends. This company is simply the best.”

Pete Lowe

”The trip of a lifetime. Hugo and team were unbelievable! The trails were pristine, guides were incredible and the hospitality was heartfelt. Can't thank the team enough. Already talking about a repeat visit.”

Ben Marsden

Jerome Clementz in Sintra

“Hi Guys!

Thanks for the email and thank you for having me on this great experience. The organisation, logistic, riding and vibes were on point and I spent a rad week. From what I heard the editors were happy and excited by the product and the riding.

I'll be back around Sintra for sure and I'll let everybody knows that are the best guys around! Hats off to SRAM for giving back to the trail!! Looking forward for the next media event or test session with you SRAMies…


Jerome Clementz

Photograpy by Rupert Fowler and Dan Hearn, property of SRAM
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Incredible trails and people

“I heard about WERIDE from a Pinkbike article and boy did it live up to the hype. I rode in Sintra with guide José and just one other person for the full day. Prior to the ride, they communicated with me thoroughly on my skill level, fitness, timing for the day, and what trails I liked to ride. After answering all of those questions and then getting to ride with them, it was like the tailored the group ride to my exact skill level. I rented a Transition Patrol from WERIDE and it was a solid bike as far as rentals go. We did most of our climbing on dirt roads and then descended an epic diversity of trails, to deep green forests with loamy dirt to fast rocky sections with an ocean view. Both the guide, the other customer and I were about the same skill level, which helped make it feel like just a couple guys going out for a ride. José is incredibly friendly and is fantastic to talk to about all things bikes and Portugal. If you do the full day, know that Sintra has some springs you can get water at but you should bring some snacks. My day in Sintra was one of my favorite days of riding of my life, and would recommend to any biker visiting Lisbon.”

Riley Parr

“I spent the weekend riding with Duarte and José from WERIDE. Both were excellent guides who took great care of us and showed us the best riding that the area has to offer. Lots of respect for building and maintaining such a multitude of trails. On a side note, a lot of guiding companies find it difficult to accommodate solo travellers, but this was not a problem for WERIDE. Overall, very highly recommended!”

Piotr Ortonowski