BOOKING CANCELATIONS: for bookings, 50% bank transfer from total amount is mandatory. ONLY cancellations 15 days before the first riding day are reimbursed.

PRICES FOR DAMAGED RENTAL BIKE PARTS: Brake levers SRAM Guide 15€; Gear shifter SHIMANO SLX 35€; Derailleurs SHIMANO SLX 65€; Dropout 35€; Torn tyres 35€; Scratched suspension sheath 75€; Broken rims 49€; Twisted or broken Chainrings 45€


Personal accident insurances are mandatory for Tourism Companies, as such this is a mandatory insurance. Furthermore, this is an important type of insurance because unforeseeable events might occur. Personal Accident insurance responds to the needs of individual security and family welfare regarding the risk of accident. It covers expenses with healthcare and even compensation, in the event that the trainee is permanently incapacitated from the accident. This responsibility will therefore be transferred to the Insurance Company through the Personal Accidents Insurance subscription. Allianz Group Personal Accidents Insurance offers a base coverage package that assures protection towards the most severe risks, such as death, invalidity, treatment expenses and funeral expenses. The Insurance Holder, WERIDE, should inform the people that make up the group about which insurance coverages are contracted, keeping proof that the information was provided. In case of injuries, medical assistance should immediately be sought. The accident should be reported to Allianz Portugal, in writing, up to a maximum period of 8 days. The accident description report should include a medical report with the nature of the injuries, respective diagnosis and, if applicable, the expected days of working incapacity and indication of a possible Permanent Disability.

Description: 20 insured people total
Group: non-federated amateur Sport, Culture & Recreation
Activity: Road or off-road MTB rides, permanently supervised by a guide, about 10 people per guide

Death by accident - capital per person: 26.278,00€; Permanent invalidity by accident - capital per person: 26.278,00€; Treatment expenses by accident - capital per person: 4.204,00€; Simultaneous death of insured person and consort - capital per person: 15.000,00€; Funeral expenses (spendings) - capital per person: 5.000,00€; Expenses with search & rescue and transportation - capital per person: 1.000,00€
For all of the above, the age limit is 75 years old.