Perfect winter vacation for a North European

Three days of epic riding in an amazing, green forest. Perfect winter vacation for a North European!!  We managed about half of the trails in three days. and of course tried some of them again and again.  Joâo , our guide was THE BEST . Funny, skilled, and had ability to see our levels.  We were a nice small group and felt really safe. He also challenged us to make obstacles we might not have done without a guide 

What WERIDE gave us? 
💚 Nature
💚 Nice food in local restaurants
💚 Some of the most playful trails ever ridden. 
💚 Sunset riding with a view of the Atlantic ocean

Stina Bondehagen

WE had three awesome days of riding in Sintra, with João and Hugo as our guides. The riding was very good, we had mint conditions everyday since the trails got some rain before WE arrived. Great variation in trails and views, from chocolate-mousse-loam in the forests to superfast-dusty trails in the open. With WERIDE it is all about the lifestyle and the hospitality is outstanding from the guys. Riding with João felt like riding with a buddy you had known for a long time. 

I am already looking forward to ride with WERIDE in Portugal again, such a nice country and people!

Per Anders Myre Ulsaker

Superb day riding in Sintra

I had a superb day riding! Great trails and a top guide with João. Highly recommended and the Banshee Rune hire bike was spot on! I was impressed. Will be back! Happy trails!

Paul Tribbeck

Carver bikes, Jana, Laurenz and Maya the DOG

"Thank you guys for an awesome day out on the beautiful trails of Sintra and thanks for sharing your local knowledge with us. You haven't just introduced us to a few trails - you have shown us the area and the variety of riding in Sintra. You even enabled us to bring our dog Maya and she loved it! Thanks for the great memories and all those awesome pictures. Really, you are doing a great job! Can't wait to catch up again next year!"

Jana Hebmueller

Pure Enduro in Algarve!

"I spent some time with Luis Pedro from WERIDE in Algarve this July and the tracks are amazing, as well as the tips and organization for the 3 rides WE did.

It was pure Enduro but possible to do with one AllMountain - I was riding a 26" Trek Remedy - and that helped a LOT the climbing at around 30 degrees CENTIGRADES!!!

That is something that gave me some thoughts when I flew back to Austria. If WERIDE had one driver shuttling us and Luis Pedro as a guide , the fun would have been tenfold due to the amount of descents increasing that much.
If you are planning to train for Enduro races, do it without shuttle and you will get the condition sweating in the burning Sun of Algarve ;-)
Side effect is that you get quite tanned, lol
I will be back for sure , but if I do it in the heat of the Summer I will be bringing a e-Enduro lol. Cheers!"

Pedro Pinto

Beautiful Sintra, Down Hill Trails, Lunch and the Ocean

"Bom Dia!
Do your self a favor and book some riding with WERIDE. Great service, Great Trails, Great Value!!!

While planning a trip to Lisbon I looked into riding adventures in the area, did some research and WERIDE kept rising to the top. I planed to take my riding gear, shoes, riding shorts & jersey. I arrived in Lisbon, contacted WERIDE via the internet, with short notice for a trail ride in a beautiful mountain park called Sintra. They promptly responded and approved my request for a Friday morning ride. I completed the simple registration form. I rented a helmet and a bike (their equipment is in perfect condition). 

WERIDE has an Adventure package for all skill levels, I'm an avid off road rider here in Florida USA but not use to long up hill climbs. My guide challenged me as well as understood when I needed to walk the bike up some hills. While walking WE spoke like long time friends and I learned about Portugal, it's beautiful and rich in history."

"My package lasted the FULL day of riding, with mountain top views like you've never experienced before, WE stopped for lunch in a small secluded town on the mountain (truly only locals) YUM!

After lunch WE started down the mountain to our final destination of the day, the Atlantic Ocean and a few well earned ICE COLD BEERS :)

It was truly my pleasure to spend the day with João & Miguel. Their passion for riding and promoting the natural beauty of Portugal made my trip, A Trip of a Life Time!
Thank you! (Obrigado)"

Mark Nelson

Challenging and relaxed day in Sintra

"WE booked a FULL day ride in Sintra and had a great day. WE enjoyed the trails, especially the Bridge trail. João told a lot of interesting things about the region. The lunch was tasty and the afternoon ended at the beach. Perfect! Thank you guys for the both challenging and relaxed day and great company. Cheers!"

Juliane König and Kristoff Molenda

Beautifulness in Sintra

"I was just googling MTB biking in the Lisbon area and the Lodge (in Sintra) came up. As I was going to stay in Lisbon, they told me to contact their partner, WERIDE, directly. I got an answer by email within 24h and I barley had to do anything except just letting them know the basic information.
I was surprised over the excellent service and professionalism these guys have! They are soo service minded and can customize your trip to do whatever you want. Also, they were great guides in telling stories and giving you historical information on the surroundings.
Perfect for a group of friends with same passion for MTB biking to go on the tours with WERIDE. Not to forget, the trails were all awesome! I am super happy with my vacation and hope to come back soon with a group of friends!"

Linda Niklasson

Eat, Ride, Sleep, Repeat. NORWAY lifestyle!

"WERIDE delivers the complete package, great riding with a taste of Portuguese culture and cuisine. Just book your flight tickets and you’re in for a blast!"

Eirik Lind Hanes

"Want a premium bike experience and see Portugal from the inside?
Get yourself a new ally with WERIDE!"

Charge down Sintra's hillsides, the view is gigantic,
and end up on beautiful beaches over the Atlantic.

Enjoy a great three course lunch at Refúgio do Ciclista,
and when full, do not forget that outside there is a barista.

Follow the steady back wheel of guide João
and you might end the day in a restaurant with a glass of Licor Beirão."

Erik Strand, the duck

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"This year has been a great riding and racing year in Norway. I have been competing in the Norwegian national enduro series (80/20 enduro series) and have been having a lot of fun rides around in Norway. In the late Autumn the days in Norway are getting shorter and the temperature is getting colder. Together with four friends WE decided to try out Portugal!
WERIDE answered our emails quick and described what seemed to be a great week of riding. The pick-up in Lisboa was on time and WE were driven to The Lodge. Nice rooms, sauna, jacuzzi and good breakfast. These things fill you with energy for the long days of riding!
Our days riding in Sintra were great. The trails were filled with small berms, jumps and even some bigger drops. The guides were showing us the best lines and always warning if something big was coming up. WE were mostly riding in the woods, but did also have some longer rides all the way down to the beach. There were some days with rain, but the trails were in great riding conditions even if when wet. All the small berms made it possible to keep the speed up.
The last two days WE stayed in the old village of Gondramaz. The house looked old on the outside, but was bright and modern on the inside. When WE stayed there, WE were both riding in Gondramaz and Lousã. Gondramaz has a fast and flowy terrain. I had a great time trying to keep up with one of the faster guides. Lousã had rougher terrain and is actually the Autumn to Spring training trails for various World Cup downhillers. WE had a fun time trying to gap the different sections with roots and rocks and trying to keep the momentum. Riding in Lousã will make you a strong rider!
When WE stayed in Gondramaz WE went out to two different local restaurants with our guides. The local cuisine was very good, and at affordable prices. The nice, precise and funny guides made our whole stay great!"

Øyvind Sætra 

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"I went to Portugal in the beginning of November with a group of friends, aiming to extend our riding season. With temperatures about to hit sub-zero back in Norway, Lisbon greeted us with a balmy 15-20 degrees Celsius!
Our guides João and Hugo did a great job showing us a wide variety of trails, from flowing natural single tracks to man-made lines filled with berms and jumps - challenging even the strongest riders in our group. The dense surrounding vegetation, combined with a few rain showers, gave us a feeling of riding in a tropical forest at times!
When the weather improved WE enjoyed the long ride from the top of the Sintra hillsides all the way down to the Atlantic Ocean - nearly 500 vertical meters and an experience both in terms of riding and the amazing views.
Besides the riding, what impressed me the most was the effort put in by WERIDE to show us other parts of Portuguese culture - from the old village of Gondramaz above Lousã, where WE spent 2 nights in a charming stone house, to the seemingly endless supply of delicious and inexpensive local cuisine. This kind enthusiasm for tradition and local knowledge really set WERIDE apart from other guiding operations WE've experienced, and made our trip into an experience greater than what WE expected!
I thoroughly enjoyed our time in Portugal! From beginner to expert rider, I really recommend trying the WERIDE experience!"

Torfinn Dahl

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Back to the fun of MTB riding

"In the past 5 years I only used a road bike while my MTB Bike stood unused in the garage at home. This summer my family and I spent our holidays in Portugal.
Fortunately, with MTB guides Miguel and João I enjoyed some beautiful days at Sintra's trails. In the beginning I was missing the confidence needed and my abilities to ride the trails, but with your professional assistance I was able to achieve the first small successes. Because of this, a big thanks to you guys!!"

"I will surely come back to this beautiful landscape and can only recommend WERIDE to any mountain bike rider of any riding skill level!
Take care!"

Martin Kleinekühlmann