what Winter?

Favorite Winter getaway

“Keeping the tradition alive and returning to Sintra for the Winter training. Awesome trails, fantastic nature and building friendship for life 🤘🏻“

Eric Larsson


“Enjoying trails with a partner in crime, Eric Larsson, at my favorite Winter getaway - Sintra in Portugal.”

Karsten Skadkær Møller

Perfect winter vacation for a North European

“Three days of epic riding in an amazing, green forest. Perfect winter vacation for a North European!!  We managed about half of the trails in three days. and of course tried some of them again and again.  Joâo , our guide was THE BEST . Funny, skilled, and had ability to see our levels.  We were a nice small group and felt really safe. He also challenged us to make obstacles we might not have done without a guide .”

What WERIDE gave us? 
💚 Nature
💚 Nice food in local restaurants
💚 Some of the most playful trails ever ridden. 
💚 Sunset riding with a view of the Atlantic ocean

Stina Bondehagen

“WE had three awesome days of riding in Sintra, with João and Hugo as our guides. The riding was very good, we had mint conditions everyday since the trails got some rain before WE arrived. Great variation in trails and views, from chocolate-mousse-loam in the forests to superfast-dusty trails in the open. With WERIDE it is all about the lifestyle and the hospitality is outstanding from the guys. Riding with João felt like riding with a buddy you had known for a long time. 

I am already looking forward to ride with WERIDE in Portugal again, such a nice country and people!”

Per Anders Myre Ulsaker

Winter? What Winter?

"Fun trails with great variety. Superb guiding. Lots of adrenaline, but only if that's something you enjoy. Amazing people with lots of humor. Top service. Perfect holiday!"
Ida Håkonsson, the Endurer

"WERIDE offers perfect trails, nature, people and a great service. I will be back with my bike!"
HildeSangesland Strødet, the Downhiller

Riding in Algarve

Riding in ALGARVE, fullscreen gallery here

"Top notch riding! Awesome guides and just pure good times!"
Thomas Brynjulf Svendsen, the Photographer

Riding in Sintra

Riding in SINTRA, fullscreen gallery here

"Awesome way to get away from the cold norwegian winters!"
Anders Samnøy, the Freerider