4 days of amazing trail riding

"I booked four days of riding with the guys from WERIDE, through my accommodation (the Starpine Lodge - great place to stay) I was staying with, before coming to Portugal. On the first day the guide (Hugo) did not really have much information about my expectations and skill level. After a short conversation everything was sorted out perfectly and I had an amazing day riding the trails around Sintra. WE had great fun riding and while pedaling up, Hugo filled me in about everything I had to know (and wanted to know) about Portugal, Sintra and the it about biking, surfing, nature, trail building, economics, football, etc... the second day (again with Hugo) and the third day (with Miguel) were about the same... great riding on very nice natural trails picked with some nicely built features and very interesting guides to talk to while having a break or pedaling up.

My fourth day of riding was a FULL day of shuttling with João as guide (and David as driver and photographer) and a great swiss couple! WE all had massive fun and rode excellent trails. As customers WE basically decided which trails WE wanted to ride and João gave us tips on how to be faster on the track and David assisted us in finding the perfect bike set up for the different trails.

Besides riding WE had a nice lunch in a small local restaurant. And after riding WE all together had few beers and snails by the sea... perfect DAY and a perfect week with WERIDE.

I will definitely come back... there are still tons of trails in Portugal left to explore!"

Philippe Greis