From 'Net' to the Mountains

"I'm a very passionate mountain biker that came to Lisbon for the WebSummit. I booked a full day ride in the Sintra mountains with WERIDE including a top end mountain bike. The service was amazing from pick-up until drop-off. Hugo picked me up at my AirBnB in Lisbon and took me to Miguel who was going to be my guide for the ride. 

As I travel a lot and always try to find a local guide or company that can show me the local trails and rent me a bike, I've seen a lot. Servies and levels vary a lot, especially on the rental bikes. Not so here. WERIDE only have top end bikes that are in superb condition. I didn't have to adjust anything at all. The bike was like tailor made for me. 

Miguel took took me for a great 40km ride up and down the Sintra Mountains on Enduro/DH style trails. WE took a lunch break at a great local restaurant were I had freshly charcoal grilled Mackerel and a beer. What a treat! WE then climbed back up to the top and descended all the way down to the beach surrounded by a breathtaking scenery. 

Hugo and Miguel are very skilled riders and have been involved in building and maintaining several of trails in Sintra. They know this area (and Portugal in general) like the palm of their hands. I warmly recommend anybody who loves mountain biking (regardless of their skill-level) to hit the trails with WERIDE. They are simply Pro's, very friendly and attentive. I wold have loved to do the magical Lisbon by Night Ride as well but I ran out of time on this trip.

I am definitely coming back !"

Net Jacobsson