Everyday had a special highlight!

"WE had the pleasure to experience 3 days riding in Sintra with the amazing Diogo and João and then 3 days in Algarve with Luis Pedro shortly before Christmas 2017! 
WE had a great time, everyday had a special highlight and WE enjoyed it very much! 
Great organization and very great people! The guys from WERIDE put a lot of passion in their work and you can feel that in every aspect. WE will come back for sure and recommend it to go without any exception!"

Dave Spielmann

"WE had an amazing time with WERIDE in Portugal. Everything was well organised and worked (mostly) perfect! The combination of 3 days riding in Sintra and 3 days riding in Algarve was awesome and gave us the opportunity to ride a wide range of different trails! I will come back for sure!"

Lukas Keller

From Stockholm to Sintra!

"I started this Spring with “Trail/Enduro” MTB at my local trails in Stockholm, Sweden. It was my partner Michael who introduced me to mountain biking. Back home WE try to ride at least three days a week.

This summer WE went to Lisbon to visit Michael’s family who just moved to Parede outside of Lisbon and WE knew that WE wanted to go mountain biking in and around the city. WE heard from friends who read the ENDURO MAG that WERIDE were the best guides you could find, so WE emailed them right away.

WE wanted to experience as much as possible and with multiple landscapes and terrains, so the team from WERIDE made a customized schedule for us, which WE appreciated immensely.

I just want to tell you all that I was the only female during these four days of biking. So I was extremely nervous and at the same time very excited!

WE had amazing and unforgettable days around Sintra with João and Hugo. These guys were extremely nice, simple, engaging, helpful and funny. As a beginner, I was afraid I wouldn’t dare to ride some of the trails. But João and Hugo pushed me through it and helped me with many great pep-talks. WERIDE inspired and gave me a lot of confidence. 

WE had a blast during these four days with intense riding in the mountains, by the beaches, in the city by night… pretty much everywhere , and WE have already booked rides with WERIDE this Christmas. Thank you for everything and see you again at Christmas."

Hugs from Kristina and Michael, Stockholm

Flowy trails of Guarda

"This is not all about bikes, this is about life style...
Your friendship, the food, fast and beautiful trails, they tagged me deeply with lovely moments.
Thank you for that! I will never forget those simple days."

Ângelo Filho

"Just like a great wine, the sensations of this weekend will remain in my memory for a very long time. Great mood, great trails, great landscapes, great food and a huge feeling of happiness."

Luis Silva

Perfect trails, Terras de Bouro

"Amazing bike trip to Terras de Bouro, with unbelievable trails, overwhelming landscapes and very nice people. A great unforgettable experience! To repeat soon..."

Bruno Martins