One of my best biking trips EVER

“Visiting Portugal with my best friend and we decided to bike 2 days in Sintra. Renee found the WERIDE website to be easy to navigate, and they offered great bike rentals as good prices, so we chose WERIDE. Duarte picked us up on time, the bikes were in excellent condition and after ensuring that everyone was comfortable WE started out. Duarte took us to a wonderful, diverse selection of singletrack that was the right level for our group and did a great job of working with each of us, encouraging, sharing technical tips, and teaching us about the local forests. The second day, there were only two of us for the sunset tour, which was a great combination of climbing, single tracks, and sea views. Coming back from a year long knee injury, I had lost my confidence on steep sections and Duarte was absolutely amazing, taking the time to walk me through challenges and build my confidence. Duarte had the patience to ride at our speed so WE could follow his lines. By far my best rental/guide experience! Duarte was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, funny, kind and hospitable! I will definitely be back - thank you WERIDE!!”

Linda Davrath