RIDE with a PRO - Jan Sucher and Emanuel Pombo

Sintra is all about opportunities, you can explore that...
The guys from WERIDE helped me to seize those opportunities for two full days. On the first ride I was guided by the super fit guide, Duarte Medeiros. No surrender! Six hours of epic single-tracks with 1400 vertical meters pedalled for more than 50km. Almost no asphalt or gravel ridden. Authentic Portuguese lunch at a local restaurant. Next day WE went on a completely different PRO RIDING concept, the RIDE with a PRO, with Enduro World Series rider, downhill champion Emanuel Pombo, and support from another guide (David Gouveia) for the videos and pictures and uplifts. WE began with skills and technical lessons with high level of professionality including on-spot video analysis and an individual designed program. Next WE pushed my limits on fast and technical trails through the breathtaking mountain of Sintra. Then I witnessed Pombo style with it's very own airborne interpretation of biking. Nice features like shuttle uphills, photo-shooting and transfers to/from accommodation were included. The potent Enduro-rig left no  questions or doubts!! I must RIDE ON!!!!

Jan Sucher

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