Hello again! This is my third time with WERIDE!

"Hello again :-)
By now I went out biking with WERIDE for 3 times.
The first time was in November 16. I have been on a business trip in Lisbon so I took the chance and booked a day of guiding in Sintra. But I had no bike no protection and no bike wear with me so Hugo organised everything for me :-) He was very patient with me and uncomplicated. Then I met Miguel (the guide) at Sintra who brought everything for me. The biking was a combination of pedaling until lunch and some shuttle assisted uplifts after lunch, so actually just perfect :-)"

"The second time was during a three-week-roadtrip this year in May. And again Hugo was very patient with me and tryed to organise everything to be fully satisfied. What wasnt easy because we were just 2 guys and pretty spontaneous ;-P
But he could handle this very well. So he "sent" us to Algarve to meet Luis and ride with him the trails at Fonte Ferrea in Sao Bras and the Red-Dirt-Cliffs at the coastline which was really amazing. Again we did a combination of pedaling and shuttle. And the trails there where awesome, technical and completely different to Sintra. 
Pretty similar but still different to that was the third time, one week later at Monchique/ Marmelete. There we met Luis again but this time he drove the van. Because there we had a full day of shuttle with Nuno as guide. That was another great day of enduro biking in Portugal! 
Miguel, Luis and Nuno they all were really good guides and nice guys. We had so much fun riding with every single one of these guys! And we could learn many things from bike settings over biking skills to specifics of the particular region...
So thanks again a lot for all of that guys.
And thanks Hugo for all the good hints concerning biking, camping and all the stuff ;-)
See u in September! 
Cheers buddies"

Roman Beckord