São Brás

A fantastic experience with passioned people in Algarve

“There is nothing to advice from my side, even enjoyed the peddling up 😂 (afterwards).
A fantastic experience with passioned people who almost treat you like family.
Perfect riding on hidden and great shaped trails with an impressive scenery is more than WE expected!
Will definitely be back! Well done guys!!”

Lisa Gruender

Algarve MTB holiday - Local Pack - "The perfect start to the enduro season 2018!"

"The perfect start to the enduro season 2018!
We booked 5 days of riding in advance, around Algarve. Our accommodation (Hotel Faro) in the center of Faro was great (countless bars and restaurants within walking distance).
But above all the riding was superb. Our guide LP showed us not only the most beautiful trails around Algarve, but also gave us an insight into the life and culture of Portugal. "Never skip a dessert for lunch and dinner" (chocolate muse and almond fig cake are highly recommended). It was a joy to try all the specialties of Portuguese cuisine.
I had decided to use my cotic bfe hardtail as the weapon of action. After five days of riding, I can record that everything is possible on this trails. The bike was very playful and super fast while accelerating out of the curves. But for the rough stuff (and there's quite a few) my hands and butt would have been very grateful for a rear suspension.

I had an amazing time in Algarve and there will be a second time for sure. Thanks to the team of WERIDE especially to LP!"

Dominik Berger


"WE booked a holiday pack (LOCAL PACK) with 5 days of riding in advance. All in all WE stayed 7 nights in a great hotel (Hotel Faro, 4 stars) with a rooftop pool in Algarve. Unfortunately the temperatures were still too cold to jump into the pool. WE had temperatures reaching from 5°C to 14°C. Our guide told us, it was one of the coldest winters here he´d ever experienced. 
It was great to have a guide with us who knew the area, so WE didn´t have to look up the routs ourselfs. It was less stressful that way. In addition to that, he recommended good places to eat and had a lot of great information about the people, culture and area of Algarve to share.
WE had an amazing time in Algarve and it is worth a visit.

Thanks LP for guiding us!"

Daniel Jörg

WECAMPS Algarve - Bike Skills with Anders Kielland

"Participated in a WECAMPS in Algarve over 7 days. This is most likely the smartest thing I have ever done in my biking carrier. I have trail biked every week for years, therefore I was surprised to see how much I still could learn. The course were well adapted to my needs and goals. The instructors was genuinely interested in teaching and had the necessary skill to do it. The course contained multiple aspect of biking as bike set-up, position on bike, trail to downhill tracks, pump tracks, bike specific warm-up and stretching routines and more. This company take their job very seriously. I can highly recommend them."

Anders Kielland

Merchel´s couple enjoying Algarve from its heart until the coast line

"Meine Frau und ich haben im Enduro-Magazin einen Artikel über Weride gelesen und anschließend eine Tour bei den Jungs gebucht. Die Kommunikation per Mail und Telefon im Vorfeld verlief bestens, alles auf englisch. Leider konnten wir aufgrund der Waldbrände die geplante Monchique-Tour nicht machen. Jedoch bot uns Luis Pedro eine Alternativtour auf den Algarve-Trails an, die auch spitze war. Wir waren einen Tag im Inland unterwegs auf eher technischen Trails und einen Tag an der Algarve-Küste auf eher smoothen Trails mit fantastischen Ausblicken auf das Meer. Es hat viel Spaß gemacht und Luis plus sein Freund Nuno haben uns viel interessantes über Land und Leute erzählt und uns noch Fahrtechnik-Tipps gegeben. Zusammenfassend sehr empfehlenswert!"

Marc Merchel