YT Capra 2018 launch in Sintra with WERIDE

Once again the CAPRA is setting new standards.
Confidence, creativity, endurance: this G.O.A.T. will get you and it will turn you into the rider you have always aspired to be. And true to our core, we keep pushing boundaries: the all-new CAPRA is a full-on downhill machine crossed with the uphill performance of a trail bike.

The modern geometry with short chainstays and a slack headtube angle perfectly unites the best of two worlds. The new CAPRA delivers the most advanced combination of trail bike agility and traction at downhill standard. The metric 250mm shock delivers the solid suspension travel of the CAPRA with a low leverage ratio and fully convinces with a performance that's hardly ever seen away from downhill courses.

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Photography and film are property of YT industries
Photos by Ale di Lullo and film direction by Mark Jenkinson
Riders: Ace Hayden and Bryan Regnier