Honestly it was amazing! - Kristen and Shaun

"WE had the pleasure of riding with Pedro in Sintra and Luis in Algarve and both experiences made our trip! The guides were able to modify the routes based on our individual abilities (my boyfriend is a stronger rider) and customize the routes so WE both were challenged but safe. 

Pedro did a great job of prefacing the trail ahead and calling out specifics before WE rode them. Luis was great in supporting and detailing the route - coast along the way which made the day so much fun! WE got to see the coast while capturing our trip with photos along the way. 

Both guides were very professional and such good riders. The best WE have ever seen!! There were the views of a lifetime and WE are now more motivated than ever to improve our riding and come back for more! Thank you, thank you, thank you WERIDE!"

Kristen Vidlak

RIDE with a PRO - Jan Sucher and Emanuel Pombo

Sintra is all about opportunities, you can explore that...
The guys from WERIDE helped me to seize those opportunities for two full days. On the first ride I was guided by the super fit guide, Duarte Medeiros. No surrender! Six hours of epic single-tracks with 1400 vertical meters pedalled for more than 50km. Almost no asphalt or gravel ridden. Authentic Portuguese lunch at a local restaurant. Next day WE went on a completely different PRO RIDING concept, the RIDE with a PRO, with Enduro World Series rider, downhill champion Emanuel Pombo, and support from another guide (David Gouveia) for the videos and pictures and uplifts. WE began with skills and technical lessons with high level of professionality including on-spot video analysis and an individual designed program. Next WE pushed my limits on fast and technical trails through the breathtaking mountain of Sintra. Then I witnessed Pombo style with it's very own airborne interpretation of biking. Nice features like shuttle uphills, photo-shooting and transfers to/from accommodation were included. The potent Enduro-rig left no  questions or doubts!! I must RIDE ON!!!!

Jan Sucher

Full screen gallery here

Superb day riding in Sintra

I had a superb day riding! Great trails and a top guide with João. Highly recommended and the Banshee Rune hire bike was spot on! I was impressed. Will be back! Happy trails!

Paul Tribbeck

Great bike, great trails, great guide, can you ask for more?

"If you like adventures and having fun, this is the company to book! Luis (the guide) is really passionate about biking, shows you the best trails you can imagine and even tells little anedotes about Algarve area.
The rental bike was an up-to-date Transition Patrol (160mm full suspension) and really a lot of fun on the trails!
Great bike, great trails, great guide, can you ask for more? Definitely one of the best bike days I’ve ever had!"

Severin Nürnberge

FULL DAY with UPLIFTS in Monchique, Algarve coast!

"WE spent the day with Luis and Marco for uplifts at Monchique at the Algarve coast. Luis is a great guide providing useful information to ride the trails, making fun, sharing the nice landscape and culture of his home area. It was a great riding day and WE would recommend WERIDE to everybody!"

Franziska Thoms

PACKS FOR TWO. There is something for everyone!

"WE rode with the guys at WERIDE in late Sept/early Oct '17. João picked us up at the airport and guided us the first day, and Miguel showed us around for the next two. These guys build and maintain the local trails around Sintra so their knowledge is amazing. They're excellent riders and great fun to hang out with and have a laugh over lunch or on the trails. The trails themselves are sweet offering everything from burly to flowy depending on your mood and ability. There is something for everyone. One of the best things for me as a former mechanic is that the bikes were in perfect condition and dialled for each individual rider. Great value, fun and I'll be back for sure!"

Brian Finucane

Selfie with Brian and Paul

BIKE SKILLS, tools and knowledge to improve it

"I had an amazing experience with WERIDE! They are very professional and the trails are super fun!
They have the right tools and knowledge to improve your skills. I did 3 days of bike skills and improved the basics (bike positioning, cornering...) and more advanced skills for enduro racing
They filmed it in slow motion and then compared lap after lap. With these videos I was able to understand my mistakes and develop new skills."

Thiago Burgers

Getting away from it all and ride!

"WE rode some great fun enduro trails outside Monchique, Algarve. The trails were a good mixture as in some were jump lines (no real gaps) some steep and technical and some just flowy and berms. All in all a good days riding albeit a fair amount of climbing given the heat for this fair skinned lad. Bikes were mint as was the guide Luis who tailored the ride to suit us. WE even got to try pork cheek for lunch which I wouldn't have known to order - a delicious treat and something new for me."

                                                                                                                                     Peter Clague

One feels the true love for the sport

"Enjoyed an half day of riding in Sintra from misty hills to sandy beaches - the trails were shaped with skill and presented through Renato in a fun and personal manner, with perfect guiding style. One feels the true love for the sport and their gem of a trail network in unparallelled varied terrain - just outside Lisboa. Recommended! Yes!"

Claudia Hopfner

"WERIDE rocks!! After a day bulleting over jumps, rocks and just awesomely shaped trails behind the backwheel of Renato, through mystical rainwoods and dusty downhills to the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean , I must say that I have seldomely been riding on such a diverse terrain under such a competent and motiviting guidance as on our day with WERIDE in Sintra before!! Thank you guys, you are doing a great job and one can feel your love and respect for your beautiful treasure you have in Lisbon's backyard! Highly recommendable!!!"

Mike Maenner