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The North of Portugal has probably the most unique features that are well worth discovering. 
All our riding spots, are easily reachable from Porto, the second-largest city in the country, UNESCO World Heritage Site and referred to as the origin of the name of Portugal (Portus Cale). The North is full of historic villages and castles that defended the nation's borders, schist and granite rock villages, which retain traces of an immemorial, ancient past. People are genuinely welcoming in receiving their visitors with the best they have to offer and there are flavors for every palate to comfort you.

Nature prevails in the Minho district giving us moments of unforgettable pleasure. But this region is not only about nature. Here nature coexists with the numerous testimonies of the past in a harmonious way. The Minho Valley is nature, culture, history, traditions, food and wine, friendly and hospitable people...

TERRAS DE BOURO situated is integrated with the Peneda-Gerês National Park. Next to the baroque city of Braga and only 1 hour away from Porto, Terras de Bouro is of the best spots in Portugal for pure trail riding, where you get an enormous variety of tracks, suitable for all kinds of riding levels. They are mostly very long and fast single tracks that pass through open landscapes, full of granite rocks and boulders with natural small jumps and berms. There are also trails through dark forests sections full of roots and fun flowy sections with bridges over small creek rivers. You will enjoy an amazing experience riding through breathtaking landscapes, always surrounded by a huge variety of wild animals, such as wild horses, cows, foxes and deers.

This is definitely a spot that deserves to be visited and explored on a mountain bike to absorb all the history, culture and identity of local people.

PONTE DE LIMA is the most floral town in Portugal shaped by its ancestral history and monuments such as one the longest Roman Bridges in the country. Part of Minho region and known as the green-land of Portugal, with wide vineyards where Vinho Verde is king, immense corn fields and picturesque houses, Ponte de Lima is only 45 minutes away from Porto, the second biggest city of the country.

Crossed by the iconic Lima river and surrounded by beautiful hills, Ponte de Lima is covered by trails, perfect for those who look for a mountain biking experience. From wide open landscapes to enchanted-forests, Ponte de Lima and its surroundings "has to offer" some of the best flowy trails, nicest berms and coolest jumps from the North of Portugal.

Next to it, in SERRA D’ARGA, you can also experience some of the most challenging ancient Roman roads with breathtaking sea views to the northern surf beaches.

Be prepared to dwell and witness some friendly wild horses, cows and deers. In Minho region, each adventure will end up with some of the best gastronomy, wine and most welcoming people you’ll find in Portugal.


30 minutes away from Coimbra and 1 hour 30 minutes from Porto, Serra da LOUSÃ has some real scenic treasures and monuments and is also a choice location to explore nature by bike. The local trails are just awesome! Rooty, twisty single-tracks that drop into super steep, super techy rock gardens and into fast whooping edgy sections through dense forests. That’s why Lousã is one of Europe’s preferred destinations for elite pro riders to come and do some off-season training.

Along the way pass through breathtaking and unforgettable schist villages such as Talasnal and Gondramaz, for a handcrafted souvenir and a delicious meal at one of the village’s quaint and charming restaurants.

Lousã is a complete and epic mountain bike destination with trails for every level; you can enjoy relaxing cross-country strolls, flowy single tracks to full on All Mountain and Downhill tracks. Visit historic villages and discover new flavors.

Located in the center of Portugal, the mountain Serra de Sicó is a living witness of the region’s ancient history, offering several important archaeological remains among its extensive oak forests. You can start by exploring the mountain's paths in invigorating bike rides, with tens of miles in flow & non steep singletracks, perfect for those who are starting to develop their technical habilities. Then descend the Rabaçal valley to explore its Roman villa and not missing the impressive Conímbriga ruins, the greatest heritage of the Lusitanian Roman Empire.

North spots, live weather forecast here
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