Please follow 5 simple steps for the booking in Algarve:

  1. Choose where you want to start your rides, either Algarve (south) or Lisbon (center and the capital)
  2. Choose the type of service you want from DAY TOUR, PRO RIDING, HOLIDAYS, and TRAINING
  3. Choose a service to schedule your riding, then choose how many riders and add any RENTAL bikes with gear. You will need to set your time zone (avoiding any scheduling issues) to move on to the calendar
  4. Pick up a date (grey means unavailable) for the rides and If you want more than one riding day with HALF/FULL DAY or LISBON NIGHT RIDE, please click multiple days but choose additional time for the other riding days. For PACKS FOR TWO or LOCAL/DOUBLE/FULL PACKS, pick only the first riding day. For WECAMPS or GIRLS CAMP the dates are fixed for you to choose from
  5. Fill out your info for us to plan everything correctly and complete your booking

Finally just confirm with us your booking and WERIDE!

Single rides for a day or several days,  including HALF DAY (3h) and FULL DAY (6h) for €50 or €70

Single professional lessons for a day or several days including BIKE SKILLS (3h) and RIDE with a PRO (6h) for €70 or €120

Holidays PACKS that include 3 to 12 nights and 3 to 10 riding days with lodging from €360 to €1490, all arranged and planned by us with you...

Training CAMPS that include 4 or 6 nights and 3 or 5 riding days with lodging and bike skills & drills for €550 or €850, all arranged and planned by us with you...

To sum it all up, our services for you to compare and decide before you book:

WERIDE compare prices

If you have any questions or need some help on what service is best for you, just email us to sort it out...